Usability Study

Visibility of system status
The decision to use the WordPress platform as the basis of the website ensures that the there is a quick response time when accessing pages and content. The reliability and scale of the WordPress platform, especially the ability to handle large user demand, makes it ideal for this project.

Match between system and the real world
The main navigation menu uses a horizontal layout, making it consistent with other modern websites. The words used in the main navigation were deliberately chosen to be recognizable and familiar to the user.

User control and freedom
Users have the option to access any part of the website directly through the main navigation, which is available on all pages and subpages. If the user makes a mistake in accessing a specific page, the main navigation is always available to provide direction and freedom. Additionally, the research section includes a drop-down menu with additional subpages. These subpages include a side navigation bar to easy access to other project deliverables.

Consistency and standards
The same lexicon has been maintained across all pages, menu items, and links to ensure consistency.

Error prevention
Pages with pending content were purposefully labeled with an advisory to users that content would be coming soon. This was done to avoid user confusion or disorientation. Additionally, pages with video content that cannot be played on mobile devices provide an alternate link to ensure availability to all users.

Recognition rather than recall
To facilitate user recall, all links are colored red. This draws attention to additional content and associates the color red with increased options. In addition, the monochrome icons on the homepage use familiar symbols to ensure user recall of familiar concepts.

Flexibility and efficiency of use
The availability of the main menu on all pages, as well as the drop-down menu and left navigation menu allows user to access all of the site’s content in one click and from any location.

Aesthetic and minimalist design
The site was designed to be minimalist, with effective use of white space, a consistent color scheme, and a restrained use of text. Especially on the blog, posts were limited to the first few lines with a link to read the rest of the post on a dedicated page. This allows the user to see an overview of all posts, and choose the topic that most interests them.

Help users recognize, diagnose, and recover from errors
Error messages for pages without content were clearly written, encouraging the user to check back at a later time. Additionally, system error messages from the WordPress platform are also written in clear language.

Help and documentation
Users are regularly encouraged to contact the team with questions or concerns. The team can be contacted through a group or individual email address, as well as through Twitter.